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Triopo GX-1128 Tripod Carbon Fiber Review

Thu, 06/03/2010 - 8:48PM by sdoloresE 0 Comments -
Triopo™ GX-1128 tripod was born to offer
beginner as well as experienced professional photographers stunning
features, the ultimate strength, lightest weight, fast action and
reliable performance and so on. Triopo GX-1128 carbon fiber tripod,
break through the combination of traditional carbon fiber adopt world's
latest carbon fiber tube technique-bulletproof fiber and carbon fiber
complex technique.

Triopo GX-1128 Tripod Carbon Fiber
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Resource :Triopo Camera Tripod GX-1128 4-Section Carbon Fiber


• Lightweight, over 30% lighter than traditional aluminium tripods;

<p>• The best exquisite, firm and stable carbon fiber tube by latest
3rd generation high strength carbon fiber technology;

• Adjustment leg angles, convenience and flexible to set to the
desired angle (24, 55 or 80 degrees);

<p>• Reversible grooved-design center column, offers flexibility to
meet shooting angles and eliminates rotation;

• Anti-rotating head mounting setscrews to provide secure mounting
of a tripod head;

<p>• Leg Section Locking System, operating easily and locking the legs
and centre column quickly and firmly when adjusting length;

• Build-in spirit level and compass, considerate and helpful for
outdoor shooting;

<p>• Resistant to temperature changes wherever shooting in torrid zone
or polar region or other circumstance;

• Excellent vibration absorbing and patented dust resistance rubber
grips and water resistance.

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